Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017

Tai Chi performance and a surprise award
Friday 10 March, 6.30-8.30pm

Dao Lu’s outreach work to girls and women and other wider community groups has been recognised at an International Women’s Day 2017 event hosted by Cllr Yemi Osho. Aileen has been awarded Outstanding Contribution to Health and Wellbeing in Our Community!

Many thanks to the girl/woman students who helped deliver a mini Tai Chi performance, as we did every year! Without so many people’s support and work in many different ways, we cannot reach so many community groups in the past years.

We’d also like to congratulate Cllr Clare Coghill who has become the first female council leader of Waltham Forest in over 50 years!

The event took place in Waltham Forest Council Chamber, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London E17 4JF. The Worshipful the Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr Peter Herrington, and Mayoress Susan Herrington were present as well.

Walthamstow Garden Party 2016

The Land of Shadows – instrumental / Tai Chi / dance show
Saturday 16 July 2016, Walthamstow Garden Party 2016

Directed by Alison Jones, Artistic Director at Shapeshifter Productions Ltd www.shapeshifter-productions.com

The Land of Shadows, from WILDFIRE! performed by Walthamstow Acoustic Massive www.wildfiretheshow.com

Choreography by Cecily Fay and Sam Francis

Cecily Fay as Warrior Queen www.silatschool.com

Tai Chi students, led by Aileen Hamdan, from Dao Lu C.I.C., as Warrior Girls and Women www.daolu.co.uk
Dance students from X7eaven as Travellers on quest www.x7dance.com

Labour of Love Celebration

Labour of Love Celebration

Labour of Love Celebration

Dao Lu attended the Labour of Love celebration event this afternoon in London Legacy Development Corporation, Stratford Westfield. 8 girls and women from the Tai Chi Breeze Tuesday class took part in this art project at incredibly short notice with artist Caroline Jupp, the then artist-in-residency in Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park. We talked about our work experiences and what the impact of Tai Chi or Kung Fu had on us…

Labour of Love

Labour of Love







Here is an example of a story told by a very young person (the last and 170th person)… Caroline did an incredible job of capturing 170 people’s stories and published an limited edition (300 print copies only) of Labour of Love! We are proud of being part of this beautiful and powerful art project!


Grading 2014

Congratulations to all who passed their grading this year! Above are the grading award photos.
If you would like to see enlarged or download for printing, here are the full size images. They may take some time to download as are full size. Click on the link to open, then right click to “Save Image As…”:
Tai Chi Yellow Sash
Tai Chi Red Sash, Tai Chi Black Sash
Gong Fu Yellow Sash
Gong Fu Red Sash
Gong Fu Red with Black Tip Sash +1
Gong Fu Black Sash

Walthamstow Woodcraft Folk – opening day

Dao Lu did a Tai Chi workshop and Tai Chi / Kungfu mini performance on Sunday 14th September, to support Higham Hill Hub / Woodcraft Folk new home openning day. It’s not only just about work, two young people had fun after their Kungfu performance!

Dao Lu CIC – Senior Tai Chi Corner wins Physical Activity and Health Project Award at the Waltham Forest Sports Awards 2013!

Seven people from Dao Lu, representing directors, Senior Tai Chi Corner participants and our project partner Green Space Team, attended the Waltham Forest Sports Awards ceremony on 14 November and walked away with th huge surprise of winning the category of Physical Activity and Health Project!

Aileen, on behalf of Dao Lu Directors, commented: “The competition in every category was fierce. It was such a huge surprise to win. The result really showed that our project stood out outstandingly in its delivery, popularity, harmony with nature and health benefits.”

Senior Tai Chi Corner wins Physical Activity and Health Project Award at the Waltham Forest Sports Awards 2013

Senior Tai Chi Corner wins Physical Activity and Health Project Award at the Waltham Forest Sports Awards 2013

Janet and Alison, participant representatives, said: “You deserve it for all your hard work and commitment. Thank you so much for inviting us to attend the ceremony to represent the group. We absolutely enjoyed the evening.” Another participant Adrian talked about the huge health benefits he got from the project. You can read Adrian’s Tai Chi journey here.

Ellie Mortimer from LBWF Green Space Team, our project partner, was very impressed and said in her e-update to the Lloyd Park community: “Congratulations to Dao Lu who run Senior Tai Chi in Lloyd Park – they won the Physical Activity and Health Project Award at the Waltham Forest Sports Awards 2013. A very well-deserved win for everyone involved; especially Dao Lu instructors who give so much of their time and offer such a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  It’s also great recognition for Lloyd Park and its community activities, we’re very proud to support Senior Tai Chi.”

Read more about Senior Tai Chi Corner here.