Below are the requirements for grading at the various levels.

The next grading is on Saturday, 29th November 2014. To sign up for grading, please see Shifu or your instructor. The form and payment MUST be received by Monday 24th November. The Grading 2014 form can be downloaded here.

The grading will be held at St. Gabriel’s, 1 – 4 pm. Saturday morning classes are as usual.


1:00 Doors open tea/coffee
1:15 Grading starts promptly
3:00 Lunch break – shops open
Chinese hot vegetarian food
weapons etc…
3:30 Medals Ceremony
3:45 Performance
3:55 Close

Tai Chi

Yellow Sash
First Form Chen Tai Chi (Su Basu – old form)

Red Sash
Second Form Chen Tai Chi (Canon Fist/Pao Chui – old frame)
Chen Tai Chi Jian (broadsword)

Red Sash with Black tip
Third Form Chen Tai Chi (Laojia Yi Lu – old frame)
Chen Tai Chi Jian (straight sword)
Tai Chi push hands – with Shifu

Black Sash
Fourth Form Yang Tai Chi (Yang 24)
Wudang Tai Chi Jian (straight sword) or Tai Chi Fan
Ban Duan Jin Qigong (8 brocades)
Chi Kung Demonstration – breaking sticks or iron on body
Tai Chi push hands – with Shifu

Gong Fu

Yellow Sash
Front kick
Inside kick
Outside kick
Hop kick
Jumping back kick
Straight kick
Strength & agility
30/60 press ups
30/60 squats
100/150 knees up
Box/straight splits
Lian Huan Quan

Red Sash
All kicks together
Ma Bu Judda (kick & punch together)
One hand cartwheel or aerial
Head flicks
Whirling kick or butterfly kick
Strength & agility
15/30 Knuckle
Lay down & flip up
Any strength & agility move
(student's choice)
Lou Han Duan da (compulsory)
Any other Shaolin form (student's choice)
Yin Shou Guan – Shaolin stick form

Red Sash with Black tip
Spinning butterfly kick
Jumping cartwheel /aerial
Head flips with front tuck
Walk on your hands
Front sweep and back sweep
Spinning back kick
Tong Bi Quan
Qi Xing Quan
Any Weapons form
Any Animals form

Black Sash
Any Shaolin animal form
Any traditional Shaolin form
Any traditional Shaolin weapon form
Chen 18
Chi Gong breaking sticks – two places from:
head, leg, back, stomach, groin, arm
Full contact fighting (San Da):
2 minutes with Shifu or person of Shifu's choice
(full protection must be worn)

San Da – Sanshou
2 minute round full contact vs Shifu

Where two figures are given, e.g. 30/60, the first is for children, the second is for adults.
Black sash has additional requirements (written, teaching), see Shifu for details.