Dao Lu China Cultural Trip – April 2018

Here is a small selection of people’s feedback:

We were kept well informed prior to travelling.

The information given was very useful especially for someone like me who rarely travels.

Very comprehensive and Aileen [Dao Lu coordinator] was exceptionally responsive to all queries

Fantastic experience, great sights, learnt a lot Qigong, and best group of people anyone could ask for

A very enriching, spiritual, full-on immersive holiday.

This visit to China was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. My existing respect for the Chinese people has deepened and I am still getting flashbacks of awe and wonder.

[Chinese tour guide] Lily was wonderful! So patient and attentive to all the quirky individual needs and wants. How she managed to keep track of us all and maintain her calm exterior is superhuman. I enjoyed all her running commentaries and stories too. Hard working has a whole new meaning.

Really enjoyed the depth of training and the explanations Tary [Tai Chi master / organiser] gave on the details of the various moves, the focal points, channels and the philosophy behind both tai chi and qigong

For me, the training was ideal as I was a bit anxious about not knowing any Tai Chi before the trip. The Qi Gong was accessible and gave immediate health and well being benefit. I will be joining local classes.

I enjoyed the time to train everyday. It is an absolute luxury when you are having to deal with the inconveniences of day to day life.

The WhatsApp group is great. I hope it will be used in the future for sharing knowledge, information and upcoming events.

Colin [Dao Lu webmaster] making pictures available on Google and YouTube is great!

Very good value

Very reasonable for a priceless experience

This was a wonderful, exciting, challenging, unforgettable, life-changing experience with a lovely group of people.

I am still amazed at the amount of places we visited in only two and a half weeks. Although my favourite has to be the time spent on Mount Wudang, I loved all the places we visited. I enjoyed the variety of scenery and the contrast between country, mountains and cities.

The food was so healthy and tasty. I have given my diet a complete overhaul as I felt so good after every meal. I am missing the round tables and lazy Susan with the steady flow of increasingly delicious dishes. I cannot say which was my favourite but I loved the variety.

Being the only vegan on the trip I think the selection of food was good. Overall there was an abundance of vegetables and fruit which was great for me. My favourite food was spicy tofu.

China is a fantastic country. The ancient next to the modern is awesome. The Chinese people make it though. I love them.

An enormous thank you to everybody who made this possible and the group for being such lovely warm, life affirming people