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Jason’s journey



My name is Jason Monero. I lost my sight when I was 11 years old because of a brain tumour which caused a number of other difficulties including weakness on one side. I am 19 now.

I became interested in Tai Chi when I attended a taster session, part of Give It A Go programme, at The Limes Children Centre two years ago. I enjoyed it very much as I have always wanted to do a form of martial arts. I decided to join a regular Saturday class at Dao Lu along with my mum and dad. My dad got his Tai Chi yellow sash in November 2013!

I recently joined Tai Chi Flow project and have been tirelessly promoting Tai Chi among people with visual impairment. On my college’s website, they put a web link on one of the performances that I took part with Dao Lu in June 2013. Tai Chi has helped me a great deal with my balance as well as strengthening my legs; I feel my confidence has also improved.
I am currently working towards my Tai Chi yellow sash grading in 2014 and very much looking forward to continuously improving my Tai Chi learning and my health and fitness level.

Note:  Jason’s Tai Chi journey has inspired many people to be more active. His story is feature in the Give it a Go campaign programme on the London Sport North website.